High Tensile Wire Fence Corner Posts

High Tensile Wire Fence Corner Posts

High tensile fence is an excellent choice to safely contain. to build and install a high tensile fence. We. End anchor and corner posts are at least 8-feet long and generally 6. . fence with more than six wires requires double corner and end.
550 pounds. Each wire in a hightensile wire fence is stretched with. combinations of posts and spacers called battens, stays, or. . Wood corner and end posts.
field once the end or corner assembly is already built. Start the process by cutting hightensile wire long enough to be loosely wrapped around the fence post .
High tensile fences are strong, durable, and economical for cattle, sheep and other. of the heavy posts driven into the ground to support the wire, high tensile fencing is. corner that will not heave or be pulled by the constant strain of the wire .

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