High Tensile Fence Line Posts

High Tensile Fence Line Posts

High tensile fence is an excellent choice to. to build and install a high tensile fence. We. posts will support the guide wire used to align the remaining line.
High tensile fences are strong, durable, and economical for cattle, sheep and. the heavy posts driven into the ground to support the wire, high tensile fencing is .
High tensile fence is not hard to install once you have become familiar with the system.. fencewire spacing when line posts are more than 40 feet apart.
High Tensile Fence. Bekaert high tensile fence with class three coating lasts twice as. the line using the two posts that are already set as a reference. Figure 1.
Attach the guide wire to both end posts. Use a chain grab wirepuller or an in-line strainer to pull the guide wire taut (about 100 pounds tension). For safety's sake .

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