Fence Line Feeders For Cattle

Fence Line Feeders For Cattle

The Klene Pipe Model cattle hay feeder is designed so you can feed large round or big square bales in a fence line, no more going into the lot to feed.
In addition to being a stand-along hay feeder, this cattle feeder was also designed to hook together as many units that you would like. If you line up 150 feet of this feeder you could feed 24, 1,500 lb hay bales at a time. The heavy angles on the feeder are welded on, so you can attach a post to go up for a roof.
The Fence Line Bunk Feeder is built for your barnyard or fence line feeding operation. Available in 34” & 48” widths. Available in lengths every 2' from 8' to 24'.
The fence line feedbunk is the typical feeder of cattle feedlots in the Great Plains Region. This type of feeder works well with the mechanical feed wagon delivery .

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