Electric Fence Wire For Rabbits

Electric Fence Wire For Rabbits

A fence using 4 lines of tensioned wire can be used to stop rabbits entering you garden etc. The wire is supported by special tread-in posts or Insulators .
To install an electric fence, string the bottom wire 2 inches above the ground on the outside and the top wire 4 inches above the ground on the inside. Keep the wires weed and grass free. Charge with a garden electric fence charger. To protect trees and shrubs, enclose them with 1/4" wire hardware cloth.
The fence lines recommended for use with rabbits is high tensile, stranded wire and galvanised wire. Seven strands of wire provide good coverage with close spacing near the bottom to stop them getting through. Otters and badgers stay very low to the ground so a wire 2.5cm off the ground should be used.
Traditional rabbit fencing usually consists of expensive wire mesh with half of that buried. Effective Electric Fencing can be erected via two methods:- Flexinett .
The earth wires are connected directly to the earth spike of the electric fence system, not to the fence energiser. The purpose of these lines is to try and overcome the fact that some rabbits will actually jump through a fencing and, once off of the ground, a live electric fence wire is ineffective.
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