Electric Fence To Keep Out Rabbits

Electric Fence To Keep Out Rabbits

To keep these destructive pests out of your garden Gallagher recommends electric net fencing. A Gallagher rabbit net is a complete, easy to install electric fence that deters rabbits and other small rodents. Each fence net can be extended with multiple nets and can be easily connected to a fence energizer.
Electric fencing for rabbits – information and guides on how to protect your. you will require a higher net (see Keeping Foxes Out), This net is 1.2m (4') high.
To install an electric fence, string the bottom wire 2 inches above the ground on the outside and the top wire 4 inches above the ground on the inside. Keep the wires weed and grass free. Charge with a garden electric fence charger. To protect trees and shrubs, enclose them with 1/4" wire hardware cloth.
If you are serious about your gardening or just want to keep rabbits out of your yard, then electric rabbit fencing is the perfect solution for you! Traditional rabbit .
. keeping rabbits all year round in a pen made of electric net fencing?. looking for a way out! rabbits dig, which is why most rabbit fencing is .
If you are experiencing rabbit problems, you might want to consider utilizing an electric fence. Here are a few things to consider about controlling rabbits with an  .
Rabbit Fencing advice section to give you help on how to fence rabbits most effectively including advice on. Electric fencing is ideal for keeping out Rabbits:.
The only practical way to keep rabbits out of your garden is by fencing them out.. Electrified fence: Putting a "hot wire" or electric fence around the outside base .

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