Electric Fence For Dummies

Electric Fence For Dummies

Check out our electric fencing resources! How Electric Fencing Works, Installation Guide, Compare Electric Fence Supplies, Advice by Animal, Helpful Videos .
Install at least one 6 ft. galvanized or copper ground rod within 20 ft. of the fence controller. Use a ground rod clamp to attach the insulated ground wire to the ground rod (clamp must bite into rod and ground wire). The ground wire should be 10 to 14 gauge wire and insulated from 600V to 20,000 volts.
How to Install an Electric Fence. If you need to keep livestock contained, or wild animals out of your yard, electric fencing may be a good option for you.
An electric fence energizer converts mains or battery power into a high voltage pulse. The energizer releases this pulse on to an insulated fence line about once .
Zareba makes complete electric fence systems to control a wide variety of animals. This fence planning guide can help you determine which fence system is best .
With 30 years of experience building hundreds of miles of smooth-wire electric fence, I've seen just about every fencing mistake possible. And I continue to see .

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