D Fence Sign Meaning

D Fence Sign Meaning

If you are a fan of football, then you must be familiar with D fence sign meaning. But, in case you don’t, we are going to discuss about this right here, right now. When you watch a North American football game in the football stadium, you might notice that the fans hold up the letter D and a fence next to it. What does this mean, really?

Apparently, the letter D and a picture of fence is a symbol. It means that the fans are encouraging the defense team of the football game. That is to support them so that the offense team won’t gain yardage. D stands for defense and the white fence means to mark boundary between them.

Isn’t this little trivia interesting? So, next time you watch a football game, or even come to one, you wouldn’t be confused why those people bring D fence signs! It’s merely a form of support that they put into a sign. Now, go on and ask your friends if they know about this. It could also be a good ice breaker for your next pep talk. You and your friends can no longer be confused about the D fence sign meaning!

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