Got Yourself Cute Kittens? Here’s How to Take Care of Them

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No one can deny how cute kittens and puppies are. They are balls of fluff that we all love to see. Are you considering to get cute kittens on your own? Or perhaps you already are? If the answer is yes, then this article is for you. Here we will tell you how to take care of kittens from setting up to how to know if they are healthy and happy. Ready? Let’s start.

Setting Up Cute Kittens

To start, let’s talk about setting up your house for the kittens. The followings are several things you can do to ensure that your cute kittens live comfortably in your house.

1. Provide a safe spacecute-kittens_18

First and foremost, provide a safe space for your kitten. Keep in mind that by a safe space where we don’t mean that you need to keep your kitten inside their cage. Safe space here means a place where your kitten can be alone, out of reach from young children and other pets. If you have a few cute kittens, make sure space is enough to accommodate them.

2. Set up dishes for water and foodcute-kittens_24

You want to prepare separate dishes for water and food. Cats don’t like to eat near their water, so prepare two dishes. One for water and one for wood. Placing the dish away from each other is a good idea as well. Some say that this is an ancient trait that cats have as they tend to hunt their food away from their water source.

3. Set up a litter boxcute-kittens_23

The setup is not complete without a litter box, of course. For the best hygiene, you will need to prepare a litter box. Then, train your kitten to eliminate in their box. Since you are having a kitten, you can start with a litter box that is not too large. As your kitten grows, you can replace it with a larger box.

cute-kittens_174. Provide a playground where they can climb

Cats like to climb up. Of course, if you own a kitten or two, you don’t want them to climb up the curtains, shelves, or furniture. That would be a catastrophe. So, to accommodate their urge to climb up, provide them with a place where they can climb. For example, a cat tower. Place the tower near a window and let your kittens watch whatever is happening outside.

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5. Provide a scratching postcute-kittens_19

Why do you want to provide a scratching post? First, kittens have the natural urge to scratch things with their claws. Second, it is better to have your cute kittens scratch a scratching post rather than your walls, furniture, or carpets. For starter, buy a scratching post that has both horizontal and vertical surfaces. See which surface that your kitten likes the most and switch it later.


After setting up your house to accommodate your cute kittens, you need to know how to feed them properly. Here’s how to do it.

1. Provide accessible water at all timecute-kittens_16

You want your kittens to stay hydrated. Keep in mind that many kittens will not drink dirty water. There are also picky kittens who don’t want to drink near their food dish. If you find that your kittens not drinking their water, keep the water clean and change if necessary and move the water dish to different spots. Adding a cat water fountain may help, too.

2. Free-feed with dry cat foodcute-kittens_13

Dry food is a good choice for free-feeding. Just put the dry food on your kitten’s dish and let them eat whenever they want. Free-feeding a kitten is okay. Why? Because in general, cats do not overeat. Some cats do overeat, however. In case your kittens gain too much weight, consult with your veterinarian about it.

3. Feed canned foodcute-kittens_12

Dry food is not the only option. There is also canned food. This kind of food is good for kittens as it contains liquid, preventing kittens from getting constipated. Unlike dry food, you want to give canned food only as much as your kitten will eat at one time.

As for the frequency, it depends on whether you include dry food or not. If you don’t include dry food, feed your kitten three to four servings a day. If you include dry food, two servings are enough.

How to Pick Up a Kitten the Correct Way

There will be times when you need to pick up your cute kittens. We will tell you how to do so properly you won’t hurt your precious kittens.

1. Don’t startle themcute-kittens_9

Not all kittens enjoy being picked up. If you must do it, do it carefully. Make sure that your kitten knows that you pick them up gently and safely.

2. Wait until they move closer to youcute-kittens_26

If they are not willingly near you, don’t pick them up. Wait until they do.

3. Use two handscute-kittens_25

Never use only one hand to pick up your kitten. Yes, including even if they are small. Use both of your hands. One underneath their chest, one underneath their rear end.

4. Pull your kitten close to your bodycute-kittens_20

Once you have picked up your kitten, pull them close to your body. This will make them feel secure.

Cleaning the Kittenscute-kittens_5

Like with any other pets, you want your cute kittens to be clean. When you clean your kittens, you need to do it very gently. The following is how to do it.

1. Watch if they self-groom

First thing first, you need to know whether your kittens self-groom or not. If they do, you probably won’t need to do much to clean them. If they don’t, some extra cleaning might be needed. Most kittens learn how to groom their mothers. If a kitten was taken from their mother early, they might not yet learn how to self-groom yet. So, watch and see if your kitten grooms themselves.

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2. Quick cleaning

Sometimes, you need to do a quick cleaning for your kitten. Do a quick cleaning whenever you see them look dirty or after eating. Get a soft cloth and damp it with water. Then, gently wipe your kitten down. Do this quickly as they might not like it.

3. Daily brushing

Brushing them will keep your kitten cleaner and remove any excess hair. Get a soft pet brush and brush their fur. As always, do it gently. A few swipes a day will be plenty.

4. Help them eliminate

In some cases, especially where your kitten is very tiny, you need to help them eliminate by rubbing their abdomen after they eat. You will need a moistened cotton ball for the rubbing.

5. Check their bottom every day

Even if your kitten self-grooms, they may not be able to clean the area under their tail properly. Of course, it is your job to help them. To clean their bottom, prepare a soft cloth or a cotton ball then wet it. Wipe their bottom with the wet cloth/cotton ball gently.

6. Bathing is unnecessary

That’s right. Most of the time, you wouldn’t need to bathe your cute kittens. The few times you need to bathe is when they are very dirty or have fleas. Other than that, bathing is most likely unnecessary unless recommended by your veterinarian and/or your kittens have a skin condition.

Cleaning the Litter Boxcute-kittens_6

To ensure hygiene, cleaning your cute kittens’ litter box is necessary. Follow these simple steps.

1. Scoop the litter box twice a day

The litter box will be filled with solid waste every day. Scoop out any that you find using a cat litter scoop. Do this every morning and evening. In case you use a clumping litter, scoop out the urine balls.

2. Sweep around the box every day

More likely than not, your cute little kittens will track a bit of litter outside the box. Sweep around the box daily before things get messy. Alternatively, you can also use a rag damped with a mixture of water and soap. Just make sure that the soap is safe for your kitten.

3. Change the litter entirely on a weekly basis

The litter should be changed once a week. Remove the dirty litter then spray the empty box with a mixture of dish liquid and hot water. Rinse the litter box well and let it dry. Once the box is dried, refill it with fresh litter.

To make things easier on you and your cute kittens, have two litter boxes per kitten. This way, your kittens will be able to use the box any time while you are cleaning the other.

Signs of Healthy and Happy Kittens

Every kitten owners want to have healthy and happy cute kittens. The question is, how do you know if your kittens are healthy and happy? There are several ways to check, such as

1. Ensure that they eat and drink every daycute-kittens_10

Kittens should eat and drink every day. The amount of food eaten might be different from one day to another, but they should eat and drink every day. If your kittens skip their meal more than once, they should be evaluated to see if they are ill.

2. Ensure that they eliminate every daycute-kittens_11

If your kitten doesn’t urinate or defecate each day, you need to visit your veterinarian and get them checked.

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3. Checking their furcute-kittens_3

A healthy and happy kitten will have soft and full fur. You will see your kitten shedding fur, but unless you see large chunks of fur shed, you don’t need to worry.

4. Checking their ears, eyes, and nosecute-kittens_2

A healthy and happy kitten has clean ears, clear and bright eyes, and a clean nose. If you see the ears dirty, cloudy eyes, or discharge from their nose or eyes, visit your veterinarian.

5. Observing how they actcute-kittens_15

Your cute kittens may be energetic one day, and sleepy the other. That is normal. Just cats being cats. But if their normal behaviors change suddenly, there might be something wrong with them.

Names for Cute Kittenscute-kittens_14

Your cute kittens will need names. You can’t call them a cute ball of fluff all the time, after all. Don’t know what to name them yet? No need to worry. We have two lists of the most popular 10 cute kitten names for boys and girls. See if any of these names fit your lovely kittens.

Most popular male cat names

  • Milo
  • Oscar
  • Felix
  • Buster
  • Jack
  • Leo
  • Boots
  • Simba
  • Max
  • Tiger

Most popular female cat names

  • Kitty
  • Luna
  • Mia
  • Kiki
  • Nala
  • Chloe
  • Zoe
  • Cleo
  • Lulu
  • Coco
  • Abby

Catproofing to Avoid Cat-astrophe

You can not just bring the kittens home and expect things to fall into place on their own. If you have decided to adopt cute kittens, there are several things you can do to cat-proof your house. This way, everyone will be safe and happy. Below are a few ways you can do to prevent catastrophe.

1. Secure electrical cordscute-kittens_22

If many electrical cords are lying around the floor, you should secure them. Investing in some cord protectors is a good idea as well. Also, if you have any electrical devices that you don’t use often, just unplug the cords.

2. Put your valuables in a safe placecute-kittens_21

Cats are curious creatures. You don’t want your kittens to damage or destroy your valuables because of their curiosity. As such, you need to store your valuables, especially breakable ones, somewhere safe outside of your kittens’ reach. Better be safe than sorry.

3. Check the windowscute-kittens_4

Cats do love windows. Don’t be surprised if the first place your kittens go-to is the window. Before they do so, make sure that the windows are safe. You don’t want anything bad to happen to your kittens.

4. Beware of poisonous plantscute-kittens

Do you have some plants in your house? If you do, keep them away from your kitten. Place them in a place your kittens cannot reach. Why? Because some plants are poisonous to cats. Certain plants may cause lethargy, vomiting, and even death.

Don’t Forget to Have Funcute-kittens_8

Last but definitely not least, don’t forget to have fun. Make some time to play with your kittens. Including your kittens in your hobby is a good idea, too. For example, if you like to draw, why not use your cute kittens to draw inspiration from? Some pictures of your kittens would be nice mementos.

That is how you take care of kittens. There are many things to do, yes. Taking care of kittens does require some work but it is well worth all the time and effort. Indeed, a happy kitten means a happy owner. And while you are at it, don’t forget to play with and have fun with your cute kittens. Have fun!

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