Chain Link Fence Post Sizes

Chain Link Fence Post Sizes

Chain Link Fence Post Sizes

When you are talking about the chain link fence post sizes, there are quite a lot of size options to choose. Yet, there are only three different sizes that are commonly used for the fence. They are two inches, three inches, and four inches posts.

Two Inches Post

This one is the smallest that you can use. Even though this one is the smallest, does not mean the price is the cheapest. That is because the price is determined by the quality of the material and the height of the fence too. Most of the time, this post size is used for small projects of fencing less than five square meters.

Three Inches Post

This is the medium size. This is also the most common chain link fence post sizes that many people use. That is because the size is strong for the small fencing needs. On the other hand, the three inches posts are not that weak for the larger projects up to 30 square meter projects.

Four Inches Post

This is not the largest one, but this is the most commonly used size for those who need large fence posts. That is because four inches post is more than enough to handle large fencing projects, up to 100 square meters. So, you should not need to worry about its strength.

So, from all those different chain link fence post sizes, which one you will choose?

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