Cedar Fence Price Estimator

Cedar Fence Price Estimator

Have you set your mind on cedar fence? Well, the next step is to use cedar fence price estimator. Don’t let yourself spend too much on it when you can calculate beforehand how much it’s going to cost. Counting the estimated cost is really important if you want to keep your money safe! On top of that, by knowing the estimated price, you can definitely set up a budget for the fence installation.

The average cedar fence with area of 24 lineal feet could cost you around $500 to $1000 for material prices only. As for the installation cost, expect to spend around $100 – $200. In total, you can spend around $600 to $1300 depending on the quality of your fence. That would roughly give you a cost of $25 – $50 per square foot to install cedar fence in your house or workplace.

There are a lot of cedar fence price estimator that you can find out there. Usually, you can even check out the price depending on your area. You can simply enter your zip code and the size of your area to be fenced, and you got yourself the estimated price! Isn’t that super easy?

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