Catfish With Cichlids

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Catfish With Cichlids. They have long whiskers, which the african cichlids will bite off before they're eaten. There are many types of synodontis catfish!

Pictus CatfishPictus Catfish
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In no way will they kill cichlids, unless you have a full grown cat and thrown tiny juvenile cichlids in with it. Lima shovelnose cats get gigantic, so a 4' 75g tank isn't really work for the catfish. There are many types of synodontis catfish!

Cichlids Can Be Found Worldwide, Yet The Most Common Areas Being African Lake Or South American.

If they can’t be eaten they could still get bit and be susceptible to other issues because of it. Even then it might not be a good idea. You’d have to get a large cichlid to be big enough to not get eaten.

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Cichlids Sleep On The Bottom At Night And Catfish Hunt At Night.

The catfish listed above are all species that i have known either from my own experience or from other fish keepers to be compatible with large cichlids including our dear friend the oscar. Northfin food is my favorit. Or a cool new species for your tank?

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The mouth is at the bottom as the fish gets food at the bottom. This has worked well but the larger peacocks i have not ever tried with a cat. Plecos red tail shark giant danios rainbowfish flying fox fish siamese algae eater clown loaches scavenger catfish leopard bushfish african red eye tetra

I Have Emeralds In With Smaller Cichlids 3Inch Or So And The Emeralds Are About 2 Inch.

I have been thinking about adding three peppered cory cats to a tank that has a mix of african cichlids. I know very little about sun catfish but i think the except african cichlids remark is just based on typical aggression. Types of fish you can put in tank with cichlid:

Although The African Cichlid Is Noted For Its Aggression, The Larger Catfish Species Are Compatible Tank Mates And Generally Do A Great Job Of Helping Maintain Water Quality.

Lima shovelnose cats get gigantic, so a 4' 75g tank isn't really work for the catfish. Cory catfish is a small fish with a flattened body. Like cichlids, catfish are extremely diverse.

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