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Catfish John Crestone. 3,490 likes · 4 talking about this. Spreading the love music via photographs and laughs of sacred traditions and do not mentions

Catfish John Keenan was arrested for assault with a deadlyCatfish John Keenan was arrested for assault with a deadly
Catfish John Keenan was arrested for assault with a deadly from

He was one of several people who stood out as dangerous and alarming to beth amidst of crew of already sketchy people. It was in raleigh nc shortly after he attacked payne, so i. We've heard that name a lot in this case from all kinds of people.

10:24 John Goes By The Nickname Catfish.

Though we learned a lot about the mysterious town of crestone, colorado, and the eccentric life kristal anne reisenger led before she went. John said he did not see a car outside. Kristal anne reisinger is a resident of crestone, colorado who has been missing since july 13, 2016.

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Catfish John Keenan Was Arrested For Assault With A Deadly Weapon!

A documentary of unusual stories of the unknown that is concentrated in crestone colorado of the strange and unexplained. The documents reveal the dark underbelly of the crestone area drug scene. A dedication and devotion to the musical adventure of the grateful dead.

“He Came On A Dirt Bike,” Beth Told Me.

Catfish john crestone throughout his investigation into the 2016 disappearance of kristal reisinger, “up and vanished podcast host payne lindsey kept coming across one name — john keenan, a man who goes by the moniker “catfish john.”. Weeks after kristal went missing, eli and rodney go to crestone to talk to police and search for kristal. A mother of one, reisinger relocated to crestone from denver in order to achieve enlightenment and sobriety.while in crestone, she temporarily.

Kristal Reisinger, A Colorado Mother, Allegedly Told People She Had Been Drugged And Raped At Catfish John’s House.

They've gone from jamming at their mates' parties at 16 to selling out on headline tours. 13:47 here, catfish is trying to distance himself from kristal. 10:27 mama said, don't go down to the river, and stay away from catfish john.

Tyrants Was Actually The First Song Ever Made By Catfish, Van Wrote It When He Was 14 And They Have Ended Every Single Live Show They Have Ever Done With This Song.

Catfish john, las vegas, nevada. It was in raleigh nc shortly after he attacked payne, so i. In the past john has also lived in raleigh nc.

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