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If you are looking for a place to adopt a cat, you can head to the cat adoption Humane Society. In this place, many cats have no owner. A wide variety of cats of different breeds and ages come to this place for temporary shelter. As a shelter, Humane Society depends on donations and fundraising which they do themselves.

Why is Adoption at Humane Society?

  1. Cost Less

The price you spend on adopting a cat in Humane Society is lower than buying one from a breeder. The total cost was only 39% of the amount that it spent as maintenance costs. Cats also get the latest vaccines and treatments if they have parasites, so the cat you get is safe. You can save more by adopting instead of purchasing.

  1. Reducing overpopulation

Population explosions are common in cats. The Humane Society ensures that all the cats in the shelter are sterilized. This method is very effective for those of you who support a population explosion which can cause many unwanted cats on the streets. You don’t need to go to the vet in order for your cats to get sterilized. It saves your costs, doesn’t it?

  1. Get more supports

Even though the cat is yours, that doesn’t mean the Humane Society just walks away. The cat adoption Humane Society still gets more attention such as a free check-up from a designated veterinarian for 14 days after being adopted. Cats also have free insurance for the first 30 days after adoption. This support is included in the fee you pay.

  1. You support the Humane Society

The fees you pay will help support the survival of the Humane Society shelter. In other words, you are helping other animals to stay alive. The animals in the shelters need assistance in the form of food support and rehabilitation, which is certainly no small amount of money.

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Cat adoption Fee Humane Society

Humane society opens its doors to all the cats that come. Every year, around 22,000 animals come from a variety of conditions, from stray cats to cats that their owners can no longer care for. Thus, the adoption fee will be different and it is calculated based on the number of costs incurred by the Humane Society. The fee will part of the Humane Society cat adoption application.

The amount of costs incurred on cat adoption Humane Society includes basic needs such as food, medical treatment if needed, protection, and rehabilitation. Everything will be counted in the fee that must be paid by an adopter. Cats have a moderate range compared to other animals in the Humane Society. It happens since the treatment for cats is also higher than any animal.

Even so, the Humane Society does not impose all the costs incurred on an adopter. They only pay about 39% of the total cost. The rest is the result of open donations made by Humane Society or donors who come from many parties. The fee is also calculated based on age, breed, and size. The bigger, older, and special breed, then it’s quite expensive.

Some cat breeds are in high demand, so their fees are also high. Likewise with cats that require special needs, so that adopters will not easily ignore them. The administrative price is $5- $21, while the price range for cats is $34- $276. The price includes behavioral rehabilitation and all-over examination. You can also 60 days as the return chance.

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Humane Society Cat Adoption Process

  1. Approval

This needs to be done if you rent a place to live. You should ask whether it is okay to bring pets into your home. If you can’t, don’t do it. Bringing the cat back to the shelter after learning adaptation will be stressful.

  1. Costs

A lot of money you will need to raise a cat. This includes the cost of adoption, food, grooming, training, pet supplies, and veterinary care. Avoid adopting just because cats are attractive animals. Maintenance is quite costly. This humane society cat adoption process may require the form of agreement.

  1. Other animals

It is not easy to bring a cat home if there are other animals such as cats or dogs. You need to train the two of them to share space with each other. This will take a different time. Some will receive one another within a week, others take up to several months.

Cat adoption Humane Society provides opportunities for animals in the shelter to get love. You can have them at a low cost because cats are not bought and sold. The money that you give is precisely to help the animals in the shelter continue their lives.

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