British Shorthair Golden Shaded

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The british shorthair cat is almost everyone’s favorite, includes the golden shaded. Here are the british shorthair golden shaded information you need to know.

The british shorthair breed is a very popular cat in the world. Apart from being a low temperament, this cat has a beautiful coat color. In the world, most of the british shorthair are gray. However, the british shorthair golden shaded variation is also very popular because its combination with white fur makes it very beautiful.

British Shorthair Facts

  1. The old cat

British shothair comes from England, according to its name. This cat has been found since 2000 years ago. That is why, this cat is said to be the oldest breed on earth. His calm nature and does not like to make the problem made it survive until now. Now not only in England, but this cat has spread throughout the world.

  1. Trigger to obese

Because of its nature that eats a lot and rarely moves, other british shorhair facts is prone to obesity. Besides having to adjust the diet so that you don’t have excess nutrients, you also need to keep him playing. Create a playground that requires it to run. Or use a variety of games that make him jump a lot so that his metabolism runs fast.

  1. Smart

You can do training for this cat because he belongs to a smart breed. If trained properly, this cat will get used to and adopt the same lifestyle. Most of the british shorthair golden shaded are able to memorize routine patterns. It is a cat who is able to greet you when you return home.

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British Shorthair Golden Shaded Points

  1. Weight

This cat has a medium weight. For males, adult weight ranges from 6-10 kg. While female cats range from 4-7 kg. The genetic weight is influenced by the nutrition you provide your cat. Cats with more dietary habits tend to weigh more than the stated normal range. But still, the british shorthair has love-to-eat habit than any other cat breeds.

  1. Longevity

This is good news for cat lovers as pets. The british shorthair golden shaded has a long time to live. If it is cared for properly, the maximum lifespan can reach up to 20 years. On average, his life span is only 12 years. This range is longer than the age of a typical cat. That’s why this cat is known as long-time partner for everyone who keeps it.

  1. Round and round

The important point of this cat is its all round shape. Starting from the head, cheeks, eyes, and chin have a round shape. That’s why this cat is so adorable. Even its paws are round, similar to the drum stick. Plus his fat body makes people eyeing this one breed. No wonder this cat has a very expensive price since everyone wants to have it.

  1. Short

Not only has its fur short, this cat also has a short and fat posture. That is why this cat rarely moves much and is not as agile as other cats. The shape of the legs has rounded ends, but the nails are very strong. Even though it looks full, this doesn’t make this cat an athletic breed. It loves to stay sedentary at its favorit place like its home, under the table or owner’s bed.

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British Shorthair Personality Traits

  1. Stay relax

Its temperament is like a doll. Cats rarely seek trouble with owners, even preferring to sleep and play alone. He doesn’t need a lot of attention from the owner. Because it is calm, it is often a favorite cat for children. The british shorthair personality traits also rarely breaks things or gets angry. It is ideal for the family pet.

  1. Independent

For some people, the british shorthair may be considered a lazy cat. But it actually happened because it is an independent cat. You will no longer find a very loyal cat breed than this cat. It doesn’t need a lot of attention as long as he is full and is in his favorite place.

  1. Friendly

This cat is very friendly, even to people it just met. It is easy for guests to play with. But for a more familiar attachment, the british shorthair takes time even though it’s not long. When it get used, this cat will love to play with the person.

The british shorthair golden shaded has the code y11. This cat is sold at a very expensive price. Apart from being popular, the golden shaded makes it very rare to find in the world. Its friendly nature is the advantage of this cat to be kept domestically. Its longevity also makes it suitable for being a family cat.

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