Best Way To Set Fence Posts

Best Way To Set Fence Posts

To help slow such deterioration, add pea gravel or crushed stone to the bottom of the posthole. Once you have added gravel to a depth of three inches or so, use a piece of scrap lumber to tamp down the layer. Next, pour an additional three inches of gravel into the hole, tamping down a second time.
The Fastest (and Most Foolproof) Way to Install Fence Posts. MATERIALS AND TOOLS Available on Amazon. Dig the postholes using a manual posthole digger or an auger. Add six inches of gravel, such as Quikrete All-Purpose Gravel, to the bottom of the holes. Position the post in the center of the hole and hold it upright.
Here's how to install new ones—and avoid the problems that made your old. This photo shows the five ways to make your wooden fence posts last a long time.
Setting fence posts is the first and most important step when you're installing a new fence. Set your fence posts straight and sturdy to ensure the rest of your .

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