Best Way To Paint Wrought Iron Fence

Best Way To Paint Wrought Iron Fence

Steps. Prepare to remove the rust from the wrought iron fence. Take a durable steel brush, steel wool, or high grit sandpaper and start removing the rust. Wash the fence with mineral spirits. Rinse with water. Prime the fence. Let the primer dry. Make sure you have a paint that is strictly for metal surfaces. Paint the.
Painting wrought iron with a brush can be a tedious endeavor. For faster, more efficient results, apply the primer base and painted finish, using a mini-roller.
Best Ways to Paint Wrought Iron. Step 1: Get Ready to Paint. Pick a warm, dry day to paint your wrought iron pieces. Step 2: Remove Old Finish and Rust. Step 3: Apply Primer. Step 4: Apply Paint.
Painting/repairing a rusty wrought iron fence. A discussion started in 2003 but continuing through 2018. 2003. Q. Suggestions for methods and material .

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