Best Way To Paint A Fence Panel

Best Way To Paint A Fence Panel

Method 3. Painting a Wood Fence. Pick the right paint for your wood fence. When painting a fence you need to use outdoor paint. Choose to use a brush, roller, or sprayer, or a combination of all three. Pick a suitable day to do the painting. Apply paint with the grain of the wood. Keep a brush handy to clean up drips.
Method 2. Painting with Brushes. Choose the right paint. Your fence paint should be safe for exterior use and use on wood. Test your paint on a small portion of the fence. Apply a layer of primer. Paint the fence. Fill in any spots you missed. Add another layer of paint if necessary.
Then apply the paint itself. If you're using a brush and your fence panels' wood is horizontal, then paint horizontally. Don't leave drips, but do apply a lot of paint: .
Painting fence panels can be a very relaxing pastime for one person and a time consuming drudge for another.. It is always best to use the proper product for paint spraying fences.. Stain is simply a way of adding color to the wood.
How to paint a wooden shed or fence.. Wood needs to be completely dry, so the best time to apply any paint, stain or treatment is after a dry spell and when no .
Discover the tools & tips you need on how & when to paint in the Homebase guide.. Wooden fence panel will remain in good condition and will not rot. Improve .

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