Best Way To Build A Goat Fence

Best Way To Build A Goat Fence

Looking for the best way to build a goat fence? We understand how stubborn these goats can be and you surely need a goat fence. The curiosity of goats is indeed the main reason why you should build a good quality fence. We have to understand that these goats are looking for a way out of the area. The fence is our defense mechanism so that they won’t run! Are you curious on how to do that? We will share our tips here.

Goats love to jump, so the first aspect that you have to focus on when making a fence is to build a tall one. To be safe, 4 feet is the minimum of height that a goat fence should have. This is to ensure that the goats won’t jump over the fence. When it comes to building fence for goats, the taller is always the better.

Then, you have to choose wire for the fence that can withstand goats’ climbing and leaning. It is also important that you choose wire that your goats won’t get their heads stuck. There is an option where you can combine wire and electric so that the goats won’t escape. This is proven to work well! Those are some of the foundation you need to know on the best way to build a goat fence.

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