Best Sprayer For Staining A Fence

Best Sprayer For Staining A Fence

A wooden fence provides excellent privacy and defines your property line.. the tops of the fence boards, work your way down by starting your spray motion and .
Select the spray tip that's best suited for the stain you are using and the surface to be sprayed. In most cases, a tip with a narrower 8-inch-wide spray pattern and a .013 hole size will give you the best control. Be sure the tip's hole size does not exceed the maximum capacity of your sprayer (see spray tip info).
Staining a fence with a brush can be a daunting task.. Safety Notice: Whenever operating spray equipment, take proper safety precautions, stay alert, and be .
While it's motor doesn't compare with the high power exterior wall sprayers, it's more than adequate to ensure a smooth delivery of stain and paint for fences.
However, sometimes staining a fence by hand can be a lengthy process requiring a good part of a day off. Luckily there is a quicker way to stain a wooden fence .

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