Best Protection For New Wood Fence

Best Protection For New Wood Fence

The best way to protect wood is to keep the elements (rain, sun) from affecting it and. wood to show through, making it an attractive finish for new wood fences.
After years of exposure to rain and sunlight, a once pristine wooden fence can be gray and dull. An untreated wooden fence is susceptible to damage caused by .
Clean the fence prior to treating with Clean & Brite, or pressure wash to. Apply two coats of our Internal Wood Stabilizer, a non-toxic permanent waterproofer.
A wood fence can be a great way to give a home a definitive border. It keeps children in and. Learn how to choose a new fence just right for your space. Pickets don't need to. "It helps protect it from the elements, from water, from sprinklers.".
Our guide will help you decide which fence treatment is best for your garden fence.. Although wooden fence preservatives protect fence panels and posts from. To preserve the colour of new fence panels, treat with a clear wood oil that .

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