Best Nails For Fence Pickets

Best Nails For Fence Pickets

The standard option is hot-dipped galvanized nails, which provide more corrosion-resistance than electro-galvanized or hot-galvanized materials. The most reliable material for pressure-treated wood is stainless steel. Use 6-d (2-inch) rink shank nails to fasten pickets and infill boards.
They are the best on the market, have great features like a blow gun, bendable. Finishing nails are not satisfactory for fence panel boards.
Wooden fencing can be a pain to put up, particularly if you insist on doing it the old fashioned way. With a good nail gun, you can have the job finished.
What's your preference? Screws or nails for a PT wooden fence? Options below. 1) 1 5/8" deck screws 2) 1 5/8 hot dipped galvanized screws .
I've built and torn out a LOT of wood fence over the years and have a very good idea. The dead giveaway that tells you when Amazon has the best price.. screws to install pickets is a labor intensive waste of time if a nail gun loaded with the .
You can use staples or nails to install the fence boards, but the Western Red Cedar Association has some definite ideas about which one to choose.
Would a roofing nail gun work, with galvanized nails? How bout. That's overkill for fence boards, but was exactly what I needed for the barn and pergola we built afterward. Framing. By far the best tool investment I've made.

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