Best Nails For Cedar Fencing

Best Nails For Cedar Fencing

Choose hot-dipped galvanized number 304 stainless steel nails that are about 1 1/4 inches longer than the thickness of your cedar fencing. The Western Red Cedar Association (WRCA) recommends these nails for your fencing jobs, since other types of nails will rust quickly and leave black streaks below each nail point.
The proper nail material is determined by the type of wood you're using. Aluminum and stainless steel are appropriate for cedar and redwood fencing. For pressure-treated wood, use hot-dipped galvanized or stainless steel nails.
What is the best length and type of nail?. are the pickets and 2×4's, and what kind of finish is going up on this fence?. Galvanized fasteners will leave dark streaks on cedar pickets over time as rain water drips from them.
I have to rebuild my fence and am putting up cedar planks. My current fence was put up with a nail gun. Would a roofing nail gun work, with galvanized nails? How bout an. By far the best tool investment I've made. Toss up .

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