Best Fencing For Boer Goats

Best Fencing For Boer Goats

Cattle fences can easily be made goat proof by adding more strands of barb wire, but only if the original fence is straight, well built, and in good condition.
Fencing for goats is an unwelcome expense that every goat raiser must bear. Like so. To make a good fence, you need four or five foot woven wire, not welded.
Our experience has been that Boer goats are easier to fence than other breeds. inches high will work on cattle fences that aren t straight or in good condition.
Since we planned on raising $2500 Boers we figured that we could afford to be fairly. We extended the 4-wire electrified fence to protect the entire goat pen area.. because they can't get a good grip on the mesh to pull themselves over.
They are one of the first improvements intending goat owners should consider for without good fencing goats will roam. This not only upsets neighbours, but also.
Relatively flat terrain is best for a tight installation. Gully and stream crossings have to be engineered to fit the circumstances. Approaches to woven wire fence .
Boer goats are domesticated animals (rather than feral), and do not pose the same. Breeders suggest that a rule of thumb is that the fencing should be good .
whats the height of fencing do you use for boer goats. It looked good and was real tight, after a week it looked like a couple of drunks put it up.

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