Best Fence For Cattle

Best Fence For Cattle

With our years of experience in cattle fencing, we will consult with you for free on what the best fencing options are for your property. Give us a call at .
Depending on your livestock we can help you select the perfect option to safely. For poultry, it is best to use fence that is 3 ½” line spacing and at least 40” high.
Woven wire offers an excellent visual and physical barrier because of the amount of wire per foot. But cattle are notorious for destroying fences, unless there's a deterrent. A strand of barbed wire or electric wire along the top of a woven wire fence prevents cattle from leaning over the fence, Edwards says.
Any cow-calf producer will tell you, maintaining a durable livestock fence can be difficult, especially one on a budget.
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If present fences are in good shape you may want to develop plans around them. But look. . Cattle will crawl over fences, sheep try to crawl under. Hogs, of .
This week, I asked Robert Birney, fencing manager, FRS Fencing, based at the Roscrea headquarters in Co Tipperary, for some tips on good cattle fencing.

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