Bekaert Fence

Bekaert Fence

High-strength fixed-knot fencing; High-strength barbed wire, field fence, horse fence, and sheep/goat fence; Non-climb fencing; Fencing accessories .
Smooth wire products are used for general fencing jobs and are soft and is the lowest cost option for a permanent fence as it is very easy to install and dispenses .
Bekaert Fencing – High Quality Fence Products – Made in America.
Fencing needs are not one-size-fits-all, which is why Bekaert builds fencing products for a variety of farm, ranch, and exclusion fence applications. Whether you .
Durafence coated steel wire fencing solutions for public and industrial sites. Extra-long service-life; Fully customizable; Easy to install; Anti-climb .
Our newest solution simplifies the entire process of installing, maintaining and repairing all types of wire fencing by combining the highest quality fence on the .
When you want the best, choose High Tensile 12.5g Solidlock® Pro Fixed Knot – the strongest woven wire fencing you can buy. Ideal for all types of livestock .
Bekaert's Solidlock® fencing products are the most dynamic fencing option available. The knot style combined with the strength of the high tensile wire makes .
For a traditional field fence option, Bekaert offers low carbon Classic Field Fence. As a low carbon product, this wire contains 0.06-0.08% carbon content, .

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