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35 Stories by Chelsea J

Persian Cat Doll Face

Are you interested in adopting a Persian cat? There are two types of the Persian breed. The first one is the Persian cat doll...
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Siamese Cat Lady and the Tramp

Have you ever watched Lady and the Tramp? You probably already have at some point. It is, after all, one of the most popular...
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Munchkin Cat Full Grown

There are lots of cat breeds out there. Here, we will talk about one of the most recent as well as the cutest: the...
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Hairless Cat: Facts, Breed, and Everything about Her

Do you want to have a unique cat? If you do, you can consider having a hairless cat for a pet. At a glance,...
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Got Yourself Cute Kittens? Here’s How to Take Care of Them

No one can deny how cute kittens and puppies are. They are balls of fluff that we all love to see. Are you considering...
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Savannah Cat : Information Every Breeder Should Know

Distinctive physical features and coat patterns make Savannah cat popular among breeders. This hybrid cat can be easily distinguished from its spotted coat and...
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