Are Ragdolls Hypoallergenic Cats

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are ragdolls hypoallergenic cats

The ragdoll is a cat breed that is easy-going, adorable, and fluffy. The fur is so thick and smooth that people love this cat. Even the beauty is out of standard, that’s why some breeders set the high price for this cat. However, many have asked are ragdolls hypoallergenic cats? To find out the answer, you need to scroll through this explanation below.

Are Ragdolls Hypoallergenic Cats?

  1. Personality

About ragdoll cats’ personality, they are animals that are often compared to dogs. They are very happy to follow the owner’s steps and join the owner’s activities. The ragdoll is also an active cat. He likes to play tricks, sleep around his owner, or even play along with his favorite toys. It’s very tame cats and easy to keep at your home. If you are lonely, then ragdoll is for you.

  1. Stay Indoors

Survivor skills in the wild are very minimal. Its instinct isn’t that sharp, so it’s dangerous for the ragdoll. This is why ragdolls should be kept indoors only. Because of their beautiful eyes and bushy fur, the ragdoll is often a target for theft or prey for wild animals in nature. This cat also prefers the human environment because of its active natural state.

  1. Easily anxious

The life of a ragdoll focuses on its owner. If it separates from its owner for either short or long term, this cat is prone to anxiety and illness. That’s why ragdoll should not be cared for by those of you who like to travel. When you are traveling, the ragdoll will look for you and cause the cat to become sensitive to the sick.

  1. Not hypoallergenic

If you want to know are ragdolls hypoallergenic cats? Then the answer is no. Like other cats, the ragdoll does not have an undercoat, so shedding often occurs at least twice a year. On the other hand, people who have allergies can keep this cat. Unless you are allergic to saliva because it contains allergies for some people.

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Ragdoll Care Tips

  1. Grooming

Grooming the paint ragdoll needs to be done regularly. The fur is very easily thick in a short time. Generally, grooming is done every 2 weeks. In addition to maintaining the shape of their fur, cats will also look neat and avoid disease or fleas. Bring yours to the professional that used the high standard tool. Remember, that friendly environment is a must so the ragdoll won’t be anxious.

  1. Engaged

Another all about ragdoll cats tips is staying engaged. As an owner, you need to pay attention to the ragdoll. This cat is very sensitive and loves company. Make sure that the cat remains engaged with you. If it’s ignored, ragdolls are likely to have anxiety that is characterized by more hair loss than usual. And also beware if your cat does the vocalization and aggression.

Ragdoll and Allergy Management

  1. Bathing

So that the cat does not contain allergens that can be transmitted to the owner, make a regular bath plan. Besides bathing, you can take it to the spa using a special shampoo. Bathing regularly cleanses the allergens that can be found on the hair and skin. Go into a friendly, comfortable bath for the ragdoll.

  1. Some supplements

Ragdoll’s fur is often problematic, especially if you are allergic or sensitive to something. For that, you need to provide a supplement. The best supplements for ragdoll are those containing omega-3s. The result is usually a cat’s fur that becomes shiny and soft. Supplements are an alternative to bathing that you may rarely do.

  1. Take a look at your fabric

Some materials or furniture in your home may be allergen traps carried by cats. So, you need to arrange the furniture so that it is easy to clean. For example, a carpet that often becomes an allergen trap and becomes the cat’s favorite place. Keep your furniture to a minimum if you want to maintain a ragdoll.

  1. Training

Saliva is a common source of allergens in cats. Sometimes, they lick the owner’s body as a sign of love. You need to train the ragdoll to show love in other ways such as sleeping on your lap, snuggling and etc. Training does take a long time, but this method can prevent you from allergies to ragdoll.

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If you wonder about are ragdolls hypoallergenic cats? They aren’t, but their saliva is allergenic for you who are sensitive. You may secure yourself with careful care start from cats’ behavior and care. Try to get one as your loved one. Ragdoll suits you well whose life is too boring and needs a friend at home.

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