Alpacas Fencing Options

Alpacas Fencing Options

Choosing the correct fencing for alpacas is important for the safety of the alpacas from both an internal and external standpoint. Fencing not only keeps the .
How to select the right type of farm fence from a variety of available options.
Gallagher offer a full range of alpaca electric fence options. Select from permanent (high tensile) or portable fence systems or an offset fence which allows .
If you are lucky enough to already have barns and/or fencing in place then you will need to adapt to what exists. If not, here are some options to consider and .
Fencing that is at least four-foot high works best, however, in areas that have bears, fences should be five feet high. Three board fencing, wood or fiberglass, is the most popular on farms with livestock. However, this type of fencing allows predators to easily come into the pastures with the alpacas.
ProFence LLC is a leading alpaca fence provider and fence installation company. Learn more about our woven wire alpaca fencing services here.
Most alpacas will put their head through the fence and push until they can't get. other small gap type of wire could be strung up but that option is expensive.
We are fortunate that both alpacas and llamas are, in general,. Most of us inherit someone else's fences, yards, etc, generally built for. YARDING OPTIONS.
With all the choices, it can be hard to decide which of the fence options best fit. It cannot be used safely with animals such as goats, sheep, llamas or alpacas.

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